R. 70  - Requête en examen  R. 70 - Request for examination  R.70 - Prüfungsantrag
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Rule 70

Request for examination

OJ 11/2009, 533  



C II 1.




(1) The applicant may request examination of the European patent application up to six months after the date on which the European Patent Bulletin mentions the publication of the European search report. The request may not be withdrawn.

Art. 121

Art. 122:NO


A VI 2.2



(2) If the request for examination has been filed before the European search report has been transmitted to the applicant, the European Patent Office shall invite the applicant to indicate, within a period to be specified, whether he wishes to proceed further with the application, and shall give him the opportunity to comment on the search report and to amend, where appropriate, the description, claims and drawings.

- OJ 6/2010, 352

- PACE cf F.1

- Art. 121: OK

- Art. 122:NO

- Art.11 RRT

A III 3.2

A VI 2.3

C I 4.

C II 1.

C II 1.1

C II 3.1

C VI 3.

E VII 1.2

E VIII 2.5.3




(3) If the applicant fails to reply in due time to the invitation under paragraph 2, the application shall be deemed to be withdrawn.



A VI 2.3

C II 1.1










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