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Useful news from the EPO - with effect from 1 January 2014.

(December 2013)



1. Reimbursement of appeal fees 


    Modification of actual R103

         Introduction of §2 : Reimbursement at 50% under certain circumstances


         See Decision



2. Translations and reduction of fees


    Modification of actual R.6

         Modification of §3, Introduction of §4 to §7 :

         Limitation of the reduction to the filing fee or the examination fee; and to small entities (SMEs, Universities…)


    Modification of actual Art. 14(1)RRF

         Modification of §1: from 20% to 30% of reduction


         See Decision



3. Rules relating to Fees


    Modification of actual Art. 2RRF

         Introduction of §1b, 

         Increase of the amounts by 4-5% on average


         See Decision