R. 137  - Modification de la demande de brevet européen  R. 137 - Amendment of the European patent application  R.137 - Änderung der europäischen Patentanmeldung
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Rule 137

Amendment of the European patent application

OJ 11/2009, 533







(1) Before receiving the European search report, the applicant may not amend the description, claims or drawings of a European patent application unless otherwise provided.


A V 2.1

A V 2.2

B III 3.3.1

B XI 2.

H II 2.1






(2) Together with any comments, corrections or amendments made in response to communications by the European Patent Office under Rule 70a, paragraph 1 or 2, or Rule 161, paragraph 1, the applicant may amend the description, claims and drawings of his own volition.

CBA IV.B.1.1

A V 2.1

C II 3.1

C III 2.1

C III 2.2

C IV 6.

H II 2.2






(3) No further amendment may be made without the consent of the Examining Division.

CBA IV.B.2.5

C III 2.1

C IV 6.

C V 4.4

C V 5.

C V 6.1

E IX 5.4

H II 2.4

H II 2.5.1

H II 2.5.4

H II 2.6

H II 6.2






(4) When filing any amendments referred to in paragraphs 1 to 3, the applicant shall identify them and indicate the basis for them in the application as filed. If the Examining Division notes a failure to meet either requirement, it may request the correction of this deficiency within a period of one month.

Art. 123(2)




E II 8.8

E VIII 3.4

H II 2.5.5

H III 2.1

H III 2.1.1

H III 2.1.2

H III 2.1.3

H III 2.1.4






(5) Amended claims may not relate to unsearched subject-matter which does not combine with the originally claimed invention or group of inventions to form a single general inventive concept. Nor may they relate to subject-matter not searched in accordance with Rule 62a or Rule 63.

Art. 82


E VIII 4.2

F IV 3.3

F V 12.

F V 13.1

H II 2.3

H II 6.

H II 6.1

H II 6.2















Modified by Decision of the Administrative Council of 25 March 2009 amending the Implementing Regulations to the European Patent Convention (CA/D 3/09), entered into force on 01.04.2010 (OJ 5/2009, 303).









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