R. 6  - Production des traductions et réduction des taxes  R. 6 - Filing of translations and reduction of fees  R.6 - Einreichung von Übersetzungen und Gebührenermäßigung
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Rule 6
Filing of translations and reduction of fees

OJ 2014, A23







(1) A translation under Article 14, paragraph 2, shall be filed within two months of filing the European patent application.

- Article 121:NO

 Art. 122

- filing = date of filing of 1st  pieces  (G3/98 2.2)

- Rule 58 (Rule 57(a)) =

   notification of 2 suppl. months

A VII 1.1






 (2) A translation under Article 14, paragraph 4, shall be filed within one month of filing the document. This shall also apply to requests under Article 105a. Where the document is a notice of opposition or appeal, or a statement of grounds of appeal, or a petition for review, the translation may be filed within the period for filing such a notice or statement or petition, if that period expires later.


Article 121 (except if owner)

A VII 2.

A VIII 2.5

D IV 1.3






(3) Where a person referred to in Article 14, paragraph 4, files a European patent application or a request for examination in a language admitted in that provision, the filing fee or examination fee shall be reduced in accordance with the Rules relating to Fees.

Art.11 RRF

Art. 14(1) RRF

J 21/98


A VI 2.6

A X 9.2.1

A X 9.2.3

A X 9.2.4

A X 9.2.5

A X 9.2.6

A X 9.2.7






(4) The reduction referred to in paragraph 3 shall be available for:








(a) small and medium-sized enterprises;








(b) natural persons; or








(c) non-profit organisations, universities or public research organisations.








(5) For the purposes of paragraph 4(a), Commission recommendation 2003/361/EC of 6 May 2003 concerning the definition of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises as published in the Official Journal of the European Union L 124, p. 36 of 20 May 2003 shall apply.








(6) An applicant wishing to benefit from the fee reduction referred to in paragraph 3 shall declare himself to be an entity or a natural person within the meaning of paragraph 4. In case of reasonable doubt as to the veracity of such declaration, the Office may require evidence.








(7) In case of multiple applicants, each applicant shall be an entity or a natural person within the meaning of paragraph 4.












Modified by CA/D 19/13

Entered into force on 01.04.2014














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