Procédure d'opposition  Opposition procedure   Einspruchsverfahren
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R. 75 - Surrender or lapse of the patent
R. 76 - Form and content of the opposition
R. 77 - Rejection of the opposition as inadmissible
R. 78 - Procedure where the proprietor of the patent is not entitled
R. 79 - Preparation of the examination of the opposition
R. 80 - Amendment of the European patent
R. 81 - Examination of opposition
R. 82 - Maintenance of the European patent in amended form
R. 83 - Request for documents
R. 84 - Continuation of the opposition proceedings by the European Patent Office of its own motion
R. 85 - Transfer of the European patent
R. 86 - Documents in opposition proceedings
R. 87 - Content and form of the new specification of the European patent
R. 88 - Costs
R. 89 - Intervention of the assumed infringer