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Willkommen bei CyberEPC.

Fast access to legal sources

Terms of use


CyberEPC is dedicated to patent professionals (patent attorneys, administration staff, examiners, attorneys at law, studients…).


Despite this english interface, legal texts are in German.


This web site is aimed to save time and remain up to date.


Each page is conceived as a portal giving access to several sources of information on a given topic.


CyberEPC contains several useful products/services, whether before or after EQE:


The first on-line interactive EPC

updated on a regular basis,  organized as a searchable database, with an easy and logical matrix display, and comprising hyperlinks between Articles, Rules, Fees, Guidelines, G decisions, Notices and some case law


• An EQE section

To share resources with regard to the exam


Useful links to major Patent Offices and Registers websites

For prior artsearch, freedom to operate 


• A portal to operational links of the EPO website

To get fast access in one click


• An internal search engine

For a “full text” search within the interactive EPC


Most hyperlinks contain a "mouse over pop-up" to know the content of a link without clicking on it !

(CyberEPC is optimized for Firefox and GoogleChrome browsers. Internet Explorer may lead to less user-friendly display)






 What's hot: CyberEPC is referenced by the EPO


Updates are based on the Official Journal of the EPO


 Note : The German version is no longer supported. 

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Mon premier livre

My first book

La protection juridique des logiciels et des bases de données - en Français (Amazon)


Legal protection of software and databases in Europe - in English (Amazon)