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1. General purpose of the web site
The general purpose of CyberEPC web site, is to enable an on-line access to products and services dedicated to patents’ right professionals, in particular to the European Patent Convention, with an aim of optimizing the access time to several right information sources that concern a given topic.
According to the present terms and conditions of use, by User must be understood a simple visitor of the web site, or a Member, i.e. a visitor that did subscribe (provide information and payment).

2. Use of the web site
Use of whole or part of CyberEPC, of any document within, or of any element of content provided, is subject to these terms and conditions of use, accepted as such by the User.
CyberEPC is optimized for Firefox and GoogleChrome browsers. It is known that Internet Explorer may lead to screen mismatches.

3. Updates
These Terms and Conditions can be amended at any time, without warning. The new Terms and Conditions are effective on the date they are published on CyberEPC.
The use of CyberEPC shall constitute acceptance of the updates. If a User explicitly objects to at least one of the new terms and conditions of use, CyberEPC shall be entitled to revoke that user's access rights.

4. User obligations
Users of the Website shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
Users respect the security of CyberEPC. In particular, they refrain from violating or attempting to violate CyberEPC security, and to damage the operation of CyberEPC. Notably, they refrain from (even attempting to) uploading or attaching files that contain viruses, corrupted files or any similar software or programs like e.g. Trojans, spywares etc. that could attempt in any way the operation (access or use) of CyberEPC or any computer of another User.
Users refrain from restricting or attempting to prevent or restrict access to or use of CyberEPC to third parties (other Users, visitors) (for example by generating automated high numbers of service accesses, or any other way).
Users refrain from downloading/recording whole or part of CyberEPC content without prior written consent.
A User accepts to be contacted from CyberEPC via e-mail.
Once registered on CyberEPC web site, and payment done, subscription is effective: a visitor becomes a Member and possesses a personal private access right.  The User provides correct and complete details. A Member keeps them up to date. A Member does not transfer in any way his personal access right.
Members are responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of their account and password. They take all necessary steps to that purpose. They inform immediately CyberEPC at if the password is, or is likely to be, used without authorization.
In case of any violation of the above user obligations, CyberEPC is entitled to revoke the Member’s access rights without prior notice, without refund of any kind.

5. Content, use of content and author right
CyberEPC contains hyperlinks targeting external web sites, e.g. the EPO website.
CyberEPC does not make any representation or issue any guarantee, either express or implied, as to the accuracy, availability, suitability or content of the information or services hyperlinked. In particular, CyberEPC cannot be responsible for any further change in the URL of a targeted website of a CyberEPC hyperlink.
CyberEPC aims notably to provide an up to date on line European Patent Convention. CyberEPC does not provide any “versioning” of legal provision. An undefined period of time may exist between the date at which a legal provision enters into force, and its publication on CyberEPC.
Thus, CyberEPC can not guarantee that information published on the web site are always comprehensive, complete, accurate and up to date.
Information contained in CyberEPC shall in no case constitute professional or legal advice.
The content of CyberEPC is protected by author right. All rights are reserved.
Any partial reproduction must cite CyberEPC as its source.
When a User wishes to establish a hyperlink on another website with a part of CyberEPC, said User / other website manager warns CyberEPC at
CyberEPC does not allow a User to copy all - or a part of - data, data structure made available on the Website; in particular, it does not allow any use of data mining, robots, or similar data-gathering and extraction tools.

6. Availability
CyberEPC aims to provide its content on line 24h a day.
However, CyberEPC cannot guarantee that the Website will always be available. In particular, access to CyberEPC may occasionally be suspended, restricted or impeded in order to allow for diverse operations (repairs, maintenance or the introduction of new services or services).
CyberEPC accepts no responsibility with regard to such problems (including, but not limited to, failure of performance, computer virus, communication line failure, alteration of content, etc.) incurred as a result of using this site or any linked external sites.

7. Responsibility
CyberEPC shall not be liable and accepts no representation or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the information given in the website.
CyberEPC shall not be liable and accepts no representation or responsibility for the functionality or contents of external web sites, services or software products hyperlinked from the Website. The use of such websites, services or software products shall be at the sole risk of the User.
CyberEPC shall not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage that may arise from reliance on the content of the website.

8. Confidentiality, Data privacy
When a User accesses to CyberEPC, his internet protocol (IP) addresse, navigation through the site, software used and time spent, may be stored.  This information shall be used mainly for website traffic analysis.
The recording and use of these IP addresses has been registered at the French CNIL.
Personal data of Members are recorded or saved. By becoming a Member, a User expressly agrees to the storage and processing of the data entered, both personal and professional. The recording and use of these data has also been registered at the French CNIL.
All data provided by the User/Member (such as, but not limited to, names, addresses, e-mail, Company name, etc.) will be treated as confidential.  In particular, personal/professional data will not be passed on to third parties or published or made available for general access without the User's express agreement or unless requested by law.